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First Trace Heating Direct is a specialist supplier of electric trace heating and electric underfloor heating systems.

The systems are the most affordable and competitive pipe frost protection and underfloor heating available.

Our sales team handle enquiries immediately, proposals are confirmed in writing, complete with a design and bill of material that can be ordered with confidence on next day delivery terms  - 
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The service does not end with your order, full help and back-up is available. 

First Trace Heating Direct provide technical and engineering support direct to the installer.

Electric Trace Heating - NO MORE FROZEN PIPES

Electrical trace heating of pipes, tanks and their associated fittings such as valves, flanges, pipe supports etc., is the modern method employed to compensate for heat losses from the surface of these components and to maintain the temperature of the contents during flow or static conditions.

The contents can range from water, which must be prevented from freezing, to a variety of viscous materials that must be kept at elevated temperature to keep them fluid and easy to pump - liquid sugar, palm oil, caustic soda, printing inks, fuel oil and tallow are just a few examples.


ThermFloor Electric Underfloor Heating - WARM FLOOR LUXURY

ThermFloor electric underfloor heating systems offer comfortable heating solutions for almost any room in your house adding warmth where you need it most near the floor, not the ceiling.

electric underfloor heating systems are installer friendly and perfect for both the DIY enthusiast or specialist contractor.

A qualified electrician can advise on the electrics and help you with the final connection to the mains.

All ThermFloor systems have a 10 year manufacturers guarantee and are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance to National and International Standards for safety. 

First Trace Heating Direct have a successful history of more than 8 years offering practical and economical heating solutions with a professional back up service, with next day delivery carriage free to the UK Mainland.


ThermFloor Underfloor Heating

The human body feels comfortable when the heat being generated within, is lost at a rate that enables our body to maintain its normal temperature of around 37C.

If our environment causes our rate of heat loss to become too high, then of course we feel cold.

There is a strong physiological link between foot comfort and body comfort in general, and because of our immediate association between coldness and foot discomfort, any heating system which applies warmth to this end of our body is felt to be of particular benefit.

If our feet are warm, we feel warm at a lower air temperature.

Floor surface that are normally cold to touch, such as ceramic, marble, slate, become a pleasant source of warmth with ThermFloor underfloor heating. 

The temperature control of electric underfloor heating is generally superior to other forms of heating. Separate thermostat controls to each room or zone allow for independent control to the heating outputs which are tailored to the needs of each area.