ThermFloor Underfloor Heating Systems

ThermMAT is a heating mat with a twin wire heating cable pre-mounted onto commercial grade fibreglass mesh that holds the heating cable together to simplify installation.

Manufactured in a wide range of ready made sizes and with the supply lead wire at one end only, it is supplied on a roll for quick and easy installation this design offers maximum flexibility to the installer; easy to plan and easy to lay and suitable for large or small areas.


ThermCABLE is a twin wire heating cable supplied on a plastic reel with the supply lead wire at one end only.

ThermCABLE requires more time to install than ThermMAT but it can provide the installer with extra layout flexibility, especially in smaller areas with obstacles, such as en-suites, shower rooms and bathrooms. A table provides a guide to the floor area permutations at various watts density and cable spacing.

With ThermMAT or ThermCABLE there is no need to get two ends of cable back to a termination point.



What size of ThermMAT for my room

First Trace Heating Direct offer a design service and will email a quick reply to any of your enquiries.

First Step: Plan the installation.

Draw a general view of the room and mark the area which will be covered with heating elements. Take measurements of the room. Avoid heating under units and sanitary ware as this can cause heat blockage and it is unnecessary to heat these areas anyway.

Make sure the ThermMAT can fit the floor area to be heated. It is better to have just too little than too much over. NEVER cut the heating element.

Always start by measuring the FREE floor area available to apply the heat. In a bathroom the FREE area is the floor area less the bath, shower, toilet and washbasin etc. In a kitchen the FREE area is the floor area less the kitchen units and appliances and so on.

Bear in mind to leave a minimum 50mm unheated gap around the room perimeter when calculating the heated area.

You can combine more than one size of ThermMAT to cover the total floor space. Each ThermMAT comes with a single 4m long cold lead wire at one end only, and with multiple circuits the lead wires must be connected electrically in parallel.

Once the position for the control has been decided the size of mat or combined sizes to match the room layout can be chosen.

For example, for a heated floor area of 5m you have the choice of using ThermMAT sized at 5m or a combination of 4m + 1m or 3m + 2m

Remember more than two mat sizes can be combined together if required.

ThermFloor systems are designed to match your heated floor space without problems.

ThermMAT rated 120w/m or ThermMAT rated 160w/m ?

If the requirement is for under tile heating then it is easy to choose between 160w/m and 120w/m
ThermMAT rated at 120w/m is the safest solution for direct contact with a wooden subfloor.

This situation is extremely common in many new homes and apartments and ThermMAT rated 120w/m provides a perfectly heated tiled floor.

ThermMAT rated at 160w/m should always be installed on concrete floors, especially in a conservatory.

ThermMAT 160w/m provides a faster heat up than ThermMAT 120w/m.


The layout demonstrates the flexibility of the mat system. Easy to lay with full control of the heating cable and its positioning


The above shows an example of floor layers on a concrete sub-floor with insulating tile backer board

The above shows an example of floor layers on a timber sub-floor

The above shows an example of floor layers on a concrete sub-floor


ThermMAT is installer friendly.

The illustrations show how ThermMAT can be customised during installation.

Rated at 16A - this will enable direct switching of loadings up to approx. 3600 watts. Higher loadings must be switched by a suitably rated contactor - or alternatively split the heating into more than one heating zone each operated by its own thermostat. In bathrooms, the control must be mounted outside the room. Each control is supplied with 2 metres of ThermTUBE, flexible polypropylene conduit for installation of the floor sensing probe.

Approved by design houses for looks

Note: ThermCONTROL is sold separately from ThermMAT and ThermCABLE in order to offer a choice of finish (white, silver or brass) and control operation (combined floor/room sensing or floor sensing only)